What to see in Rabat morocco? Top 10 must-see attractions

what to see in rabat

    In today’s article, we are going to Morocco to visit its capital, Rabat, and discover what to see in this city full of history and culture. If you like to travel to exotic and charming places, Rabat is the perfect city for you. With a wide range of monuments, museums, and markets, this destination offers you a unique experience to enjoy and get to know the authentic Moroccan culture. So, get your backpack ready and join us on this adventure to discover what to see in Rabat!

The Medina of Rabat:

   After morning prayer in Morocco, the old medina turns into an intramural market with a wide variety of fresh and traditional produce. There you can find everything from stacked oranges to vibrantly colored spice pyramids, olive piles, and camel’s feet. In addition, delicious freshly made sweets, fruits, juices and tea can be found in this market. Getting lost in the streets of Rabat’s medina is a unique and vibrant experience. One of the biggest attractions is the bread oven, where visitors queue up to taste the freshly baked bread. The medina is a real treasure for those seeking the authenticity of Moroccan culture, and a must-see in Rabat.

The Gold Souk

   The jewelers’ district in Rabat, known as Souk es Sebat, is a popular area in the Medina of the Moroccan capital. There you can find a wide variety of gold and silver handicrafts, from traditional jewelry to modern designer pieces. The atmosphere in Souk es Sebat is enchanting: the artisans’ stalls are spread out under a reed roof and gleaming lamps can be appreciated along with the pungent aroma of slippers and leather garments.

   In addition to the jewelers, the Medina of Rabat also has other areas of interest such as the street of fruits and the street of colorful fabrics, each with its own essence and offering a unique and different experience. However, Souk es Sebat is definitely a must-see for lovers of Moroccan handicrafts and culture.

Mohamed V Avenue:

    Rabat is a city that offers a unique experience that combines history with modernity. As you approach the wall, you will find Mohamed V Avenue, which is the most modern facade of the city and is filled with colonial buildings, European mansions, stores, cafes, ATMs, the National Theater, and more. There is also the train station, where you can take blue cabs to get around the city.

The Kasbah of the Udayas:

   One of the most charming places to see in Rabat is the Kasbah of the Udayas. This medieval area is a must-see in Rabat. Crossing the Bab el Kebir gate is like traveling back in time: it gives you access to the Almohad Kasbah. The ancient fortress is magnificently preserved, which makes it resemble other charming places such as Chefchaouen or Assilah. Its narrow streets are painted white and blue, there are colorful mosaic fountains, gates with bungavillas, stores with kaftans, and djellabas. The walls end right at the edge of the Atlantic, which gives a special touch to the place.

Hassan Tower:

   The Hassan Tower is one of the architectural jewels of the Moroccan capital and a must-see in Rabat. This tower, which was built in the 12th century, is an impressive structure over 40 meters high that is an excellent example of Almohad architecture. The Hassan Tower is located in a beautiful square, surrounded by gardens and fountains. In addition, right next to the tower is the impressive Mohammed V Mosque, making this place a must-see for those interested in the history and architecture of Morocco. Without a doubt, the Hassan Tower is one of the best things to see in Rabat.

what to see in rabat

Mausoleum of Mohammed V:

   The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is one of the most impressive sites in Rabat. This mausoleum was built in honor of the late king of Morocco, Mohammed V, and is a stunning example of Islamic architecture. The mausoleum is a white marble structure with an imposing green dome that dominates the Rabat skyline. Inside the mausoleum are the remains of King Mohammed V, as well as those of his two sons. In addition, the mausoleum has a mosque that is open to the public. Visiting the Mausoleum of Mohammed V is a unique and memorable experience not to be missed when visiting Rabat.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V:

Royal Palace of Rabat:

   The Royal Palace is another must-see attraction in Rabat. This impressive building, located in the Mechouar neighborhood, is the official residence of the king of Morocco and is not open to the public. However, visitors can enjoy the imposing facade of the palace and watch the royal guards in their traditional uniforms. In addition, the palace gardens are a popular place to stroll and relax in the middle of the city. The architecture of the Royal Palace of Rabat is an example of Morocco’s rich culture and a must-see for lovers of history and architecture.

Chellah Necropolis:

   The Necropolis of Chellah is one of Rabat’s most impressive attractions. Located on a hill near the Bou Regreg River, this ancient Roman settlement has been reused over the centuries, serving as an Islamic citadel, a Portuguese fortress, and, finally, as a cemetery. Visitors can explore the ruins of the citadel, including the ancient walls and towers, as well as the remains of a mosque and a hammam. In addition, the necropolis is home to a wealth of statues, mosaics, and other historical artifacts, offering a fascinating insight into the region’s history.

what to see in rabat

Rabat Botanical Garden:

   The Rabat Botanical Garden is a must-see for any nature and biodiversity lover. This 17-hectare green space is located in the heart of the city and features a wide variety of plants and trees from Morocco and around the world. In addition to its cactus collection and rose garden, the garden also features a natural history museum and a small zoo with animals native to Morocco. The tranquil and relaxed atmosphere of the garden makes it an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city and one of the best things to see in Rabat.

Kasbah Mosque:

   The Kasbah Mosque is one of the must-see sights in Rabat. Located on top of a hill, it offers spectacular views of the city and the sea. Built in the 12th century by the Almohads, this mosque is a superb example of Islamic architecture. With its marble columns, tiled plinths, and large central courtyard, the mosque is a true visual spectacle. It is also an active place of worship and it is enthralling to hear the call to prayer from the top of the hill.

   As you may have noticed, there are many things to see in Rabat. We hope this article has given you some ideas and will help you plan your visit to Morocco’s capital. If so, be sure to share it!

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